Tire Tread and Your Vehicle's Performance Go Hand in Hand

Have you ever wondered how much of a difference having more tire tread on your tires will actually make when you are driving your vehicle? Well, it makes a huge difference not only in the drivability of your vehicle but also for the stopping power for your vehicle.

Your vehicle's tires play a very integral part in making sure that you have a smooth ride when you are on the road and they also make sure that it can grip the road when you are trying to stop. Car brakes are not the only component to think about when it comes to stopping your vehicle. A vehicle that has improper tire tread will take a considerably longer amount of time to stop. We here at Toyota of Killeen are trying to get the word out to our customers that we are available to inspect, rotate or change your tires to make sure that no matter what vehicle you are driving you can drive safely and relax because you will know that your tires will do the job that they were designed to do instead of chirping and squeaking every time you take a corner.

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