Did You Know About the Slow Down & Move Over Laws?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks automobile accidents year-round and reports that in the winter season alone there are over 30,000 fatal accidents on American highways every year. According to the National Traffic Incident Management Coalition, over 200 roadside workers are fatally struck by automobiles each year.

With accidents so prominent in American, laws have been put in place to help protect roadside workers, emergency service workers, and law enforcement officers. These laws are called the Slow Down & Move Over laws, and every state has them, but a poll conducted by Mason Dixon Polling & Research shows that 71% of Americans did not know about these laws.

Slow Down & Move Over laws are exactly what the name says, many drivers do this naturally, but it is more than a courtesy, it is the law. If you encounter an emergency services vehicle in action on the roadside, you lawfully must slow down.

All of us here at Toyota of Killeen want to help spread awareness of these laws, so be sure to drive safely!

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