The Toyota Tundra Helps Drivers Avoid Trouble

If you’re on the hunt for a reliable and safe pickup truck for your passengers to enjoy, then the latest Toyota Tundra may be the option that you haven’t been considering. Although the Tundra's most obvious job is hauling, safety doesn't take a back seat. Toyota is the only truck maker to include crash avoidance features for its Light Duty fleet.

Tundra drivers have an early warning system to watch for stopping traffic. The forward collision watch may trigger an emergency auto brake, slowing the Tundra before it can cause a rear-end collision. Even if the Killeen, TX driver can't stop in time, this intervention may make the difference between a fender bender and a serious crash. There are also alerts for pedestrians on the road. This, too, can trigger automatic braking. For less stress behind the wheel, adaptive cruise control is the driver's partner even when faced with slow-and-go traffic.

The best way to understand these modern features is to get a demonstration. Take a test drive with our staff at Toyota of Killeen.

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