Headlight Maintenance is Vital for Driver Safety

Although it might arrive as difficult to believe, the following statistic was accumulated by the Transportation Research Institute at the University of Michigan, in part by headlights guru Michael Flanagan. Approximately 2,500 people around the globe pass away every single year – especially in more recent years – as a concurrent result of drivers not paying attention, not being able to see passerby thanks to bad headlights, and similar circumstances.

Mr. Flanagan of the University of Michigan believes that most of the 2,500 actually resulted from drivers with failing or dim headlights. It doesn’t register in our brains, although manufacturers of motor vehicles fail to put good headlights on their rides. This hasn’t always happened, but it’s a credible-enough threat – all of us should protect our welfare on the road by installing top-notch headlamps – for you and other drivers to care.

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