The 3,000 Mile Myth Goes Against Factory Standards


The 3,000-mile rule is something that was created at a time when cars were not the technological marvels that they are now. Have you ever noticed that people with the newer cars and trucks are still going to their oil service center and order to have their oil changed every 3000 miles? If so, you should let them know that it's a waste of time, money and resources, and instead, they should consult their vehicle's owners manual for a proper mileage interval between oil changes.

Some drivers are still under the assumption that they have to follow the rules that has been set for the by prior generation that state that going anymore than 3,000 miles in your vehicle between oil changes is detrimental to your vehicle's internal components. While this might be more accurate for older vehicles, newer vehicles do not need to abide buy this silly myth.

We at Toyota of Killeen encourage you to not believe this myth applies to your newer vehicle and instead to come in and see us and we can give you more accurate numbers according to factory standards.

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