The 2018 Toyota Corolla Impresses Local Drivers

The Toyota Corolla can pack a punch performance-wise. The vehicle definitely draws a lot of its popularity from both looks and an affordable price. Looking closer at the car, two major performance features stand out. Such features definitely add to the appeal of the Corolla.

The unique aerodynamics enhances the Toyota Corolla's performance when dealing with wind resistance. The expertly crafted shape won't suffer from fuel inefficiency since air doesn't deliver an excessive drag. Even outside of windy days, this vehicle delivers solid fuel efficiency -- another plus.

Security features count for a lot when examining a car's performance on the road. The 2018 Toyota Corolla offers a pre-collision system designed with a special pedestrian detection component. The combination of a camera and special radar assist with keeping the Corolla safely clear of other vehicles and any pedestrians.

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