All-Wheel Drive Questions Answered!

Toyota driving through a river.

All-Wheel Drive Questions Answered!

Looking to buy a new Toyota in Texas, but not sure if you should get all-wheel drive? The team at our Toyota dealership near Temple can answer all of your questions about AWD vs. FWD so you can determine if it’s a feature that will improve your driving experience and safety on TX roads. We’ll help you compare new Toyota trucks, SUVs and sedans that offer all-wheel drive and help you understand the difference between all-wheel drive vs. front-wheel drive. Check out our AWD FAQs, then feel free to stop by Toyota of Killeen with any remaining questions!


Do I Need All-Wheel Drive?

Whether you need all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive depends on your lifestyle and priorities. AWD capability isn’t just for off-roading adventures, but it also plays a role in safety on roads that are in poor condition or during unpredictable weather. That being said, when you compare the typical AWD vs. FWD vehicle, front-wheel drive vehicles tend to get better gas mileage. So, if you like to take the road less travelled, opt for an all-wheel-drive Toyota. If saving on gas is more of a priority, you might want to consider a front-wheel-drive Toyota. 


Is it Better to Have AWD or 4WD?

There are a variety of different AWD and 4WD systems that are engineered to operate differently, but simply put, the main difference between AWD vs. 4WD is that all-wheel drive is an automatic system and 4WD needs to be manually switched on. Typically, all-wheel-drive systems send engine torque to all four wheels at the same time, automatically. Four-wheel drive, on the other hand, is most often a part-time system that needs to be enabled by the driver.


Which Toyota Vehicles Offer All-Wheel Drive?

Many new Toyota vehicles offer all-wheel-drive capability, so whether you’re looking for a Toyota minivan or a Toyota pickup, there’s a great option waiting for you. Did the Toyota 4Runner off-roading capability win your heart? Or, maybe you like the functionality offered by the new Camry with available AWD? No matter what you’re looking for, our TX Toyota sales team can help you compare cars with all-wheel drive so that you choose your best fit.


What AWD Vehicle Gets the Best MPG?

While more often than not, FWD vehicles get better fuel economy than AWD vehicles, there are an array of fuel-efficient AWD Toyota models for sale on our lot. This way, you can get the best of both worlds! Ask our team to help you compare fuel-efficient Toyota SUVs, sedans or trucks that also offer all-wheel-drive capability, and we’ll get you in the driver’s seat of your ideal vehicle.